The Art of Hand Cooing!

Our Simple Gifts group has just released a new CD called Sunlight. Listen to a few sample music tracks where I am Hand Cooing:
Sound Track: I Will Follow Thee
Sound Track: Wayfayering Stranger

Watch "Wayfayering Stranger" performed in Walla Walla, Wa in the summer of 2002. 

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What is Hand Cooing/Whistling?

Hand cooing is whistling using your hands. If you get good at it you can even whistle songs. The concept is quite simple. You put both hands together in the shape of a ball, with your thumbs positioned close together, so that you can blow into your hands with your lips. Hand Cooing sounds (47.6 Kbytes) very much like the pan pipes. The principle of Hand Cooing is the same as blowing into a bottle. The air goes in at the top, resonates inside, and them comes back out from the top. The only difference is that hands are used instead of a bottle. Listen to a complete song called My Peace (333 Kbytes)!

How I Learned!

When I was in sixth grade I lived in a small housing community near Silver Springs, Maryland. One day I heard this neat cooing sound coming from a kid walking down the street. I had to try it! After a little practice I started to make cooing sounds that sounded much like an owl. I started to get bored with just making owl sounds (25.8 Kbytes), so I tried playing a song. My first song was Yankee Doodle (102 Kbytes). At first it sounded awful. I was trying so hard to Hand Coo Yankee Doodle that my friends (and parents) started to go crazy. But, after much practice (and many tomatoes thrown my way) I learned to play Yankee Doodle from start to finish without missing a note. Learning Yankee Doodle opened the door to learning new songs. My range of notes that I played expanded, and soon I could play any song that I knew in my head.

Hand Cooing in the 90's.

Hand Cooing was a great friend as I grew into adulthood. I love to Hand Coo when I go for hikes in the Cascade mountains near Seattle, Washington. For the past several years, I have been Hand Cooing Christian songs in a small musical group called Simple Gifts. I have Cooed with a Harp, Hammered Dulcimer, Piano, Guitar, and Recorder. It is amazing how good Hand Cooing sounds when mixed with other instruments. I have Hand Cooed for Church Services, Weddings, Concerts, and Saturday night gigs.

The Lord gave me a special gift that I am extremely grateful for.

Other Hand Coo/Whistler sites:

Ben Brenner! A Great Hand Whistler
Ben is an awesome hand whistler.  He has been hand whistling for over 35 years and has a been on big name shows like Jay Leno and David Letterman.  Ben has several videos of his hand whistling that are fun to watch.

Jeremy Shafer
Jeremy is a professional one man show in the Bay area.  He has a hilarious, spectacular, interactive, action-packed act that he sometimes incorporates Hand Whistling while he rides his unicycle.  Jeremy has several videos to watch at his web site that are very fun to watch.  My kids loved him!

Stephen W. Thompson
Stephen has done a very good job of documenting the exact details of how to Hand Whistle.

Robert Stemmons (Championship Whistler!)
Robert is a championship whistler and is very good.  He does not do hand whistling, but sure can make his lips sing with beautiful whistle songs.