Michael D. Riston

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E-Mail: webresume1@riston.net


        Senior Software Engineer with eleven years of Systems/Application software development.

        Six years experience in User Interface development.

        Six years Object Oriented software development using C++. Experienced in C++ class library development.

        Performed in all areas of software development, including product concept, requirements definition, scheduling, software design, implementation, and test.

        Innovative and conceptual self-starter who works effectively with others to attain or exceed objectives. Can solve problems on new projects under tight schedules and budget.

Skill Experience

C++/Object Oriented Technology

Six years experience developing numerous production applications using C++. Developed C++ class libraries to provide reusable components for rapid prototyping and development. Developed solutions for object communications and persistence. Extensive understanding of inheritance, virtual functions, and advanced idioms of class design. Used Object Oriented methods to improve design, development, and group productivity. Have used Visual C++, and Borland C++, and cfront development environments. Taught an introductory class on Object Oriented Technology and C++.

User Interface Development

Six years experience in all areas of development and usage of windowing environments: Successfully designed and implemented numerous user interfaces using Windows SDK and MFC class libraries under Windows NT/95/3.1 (2 years), and OSF/Motif, Xt, and Xlib (4 years). Developed solutions for a graphical object editor, image processing/display, inter-client communications, database storage/retrieval, and user interface C++ class library development. Extensive understanding of messaging and event loop programming techniques. Familiar with OLE/COM/Active X technologies. Provided user interface technical support and presentation material.

System Development

Detailed experience in system programming in the Windows NT/95, Berkley, System V, and POSIX environments. Experienced with signals, I/O library, dynamic memory allocation, inter-process communication, process control and execution, threads, and writing portable code for multiple vendor platforms.

Customer Support

Extremely customer driven and always trying to exceed their expectations. Continuously searching for ways to improve both the product and customer environment. Proactively answer all customer inquiries with regards to user interface and systems software product development.

Application/Tool Usage

Experienced in the use and administration of Visual SourceSafe. Tested and optimized code using BoundsChecker. Developed install programs using InstallShield. Performed documentation using MS Word, Excel, Mosaic (html), and Interleaf/5. Proficient in using standard Unix tools including, make, grep, awk, SCCS, sed, vi. Developed script solutions for automating software development using Visual Basic, DOS, Bourne Shell, C-Shell, Korn Shell, and Perl.

Software Engineering Practices

Performed in all areas of software development, including scheduling, requirements definition, software design, implementation, and test. Have successfully completed numerous large production software products that have been sold to the public and used by a large community of users. Set the standard for software architecture and innovative documentation techniques. Developed and implemented processes for configuration management of software. Performed technical interviews.

Computer Languages/Systems

Eleven years experience in C, C++. Experienced in FORTRAN, BASIC, Prolog, Lisp, Java, and Assembly, lex (flex), and YACC. Experienced in using Pentium/486 PC, Silicon Graphics, Apollo, HP Workstations, Harris NightHawk 4800/5800, and Apple Macintosh. Experienced with Windows NT/95 and 3.1, Unix, DOS Domain/OS, HP/UX, VAX/VMS, AOS/VS, and CMS.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Seagull Scientific Systems, July 1995 to present

Successfully designed and implemented the Bar Tender: a large scale commercial bar code label printing software package running on Windows NT and 95. The Bar Tender was developed on Windows NT/95 and required in-depth use of object oriented design, C++, and MFC. Key technologies implemented were a graphical object editor that allowed for the manipulation of graphical objects on the screen, comprehensive Undo/Redo design, document/view architecture, strict WYSIWYG bar code drawing/printing, and processing input data from a variety of sources (e.g. ODBC). Tools used were Visual C++, SourceSafe, and BoundsChecker. Project duration: 1 year.

Performed printer driver development for Windows 95/3.1 for industry standard thermal printers (Intermec, Datamax, Zeba, SATO). Successfully implemented bar code fonts, image compression, and 2D bar code symbologies.

Successfully implemented complex data compression and error correction technologies for the drawing and printing of 2D bar code symbologies (e.g. PDF417).

Senior Software Engineer, The Boeing Company, June 1991 to July 1995

Designed and implemented customer driven user interfaces and libraries for real time airplane simulation systems in a Unix environment using C++, OSF/Motif, and X-Windows. Successfully completed development of a simulation hardware I/O interface, language sensitive text editor, and a simulation development system.

Software Engineer, The Boeing Company, June 1986 to June 1991

Designed and developed real time simulation test environments for testing avionic modules using C and FORTRAN. Emphasized control system modeling, detailed test procedure implementation, and hardware/software problem solving. Developed, documented, and maintained application software tools to aid in the development and use of real time simulation environments.



June 1986 B.S Electrical Engineering, Walla Walla College, College Place, WA


        Engineer of the Month, Engineering Division, The Boeing Company, March 1990, for outstanding contributions to the development of a 747-400 flaps simulation system.

        Pride in Excellence Award, March 1993, for outstanding development of the Simulation Work Environment software application.

        Pride in Excellence Award, September 1991, for development of configuration control methods for an entire organization.

        Pride in Excellence Award, April 1987, for improving and documenting test language software.